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uploading of payment proof

Started by gopal51 2019-02-07 at 16:52
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how to upload payment proof to forum and nbr
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Quote: gopal51
how to upload payment proof to forum and nbr



Step 1: Find the proof of payment and touch the keys wind + imp pnt (print screen)
The image is saved in the image folder,
step 2: then enter the forum, publish the image and a new window will open with the number of your payment write the payment number that corresponds and ready.
step 3: you register in nbr and you search in the menu the option ptc, then click on picoclix, then again click on picoclix to post a comment, write the amount of the payment and upload the proof of payment
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+ 1.88 USD
Date: 08.02.2019 01:58:44
ID: 730304775
Details: P1005167004 → P95906469
Amount: 1.88 USD
Comment: picoclix.com
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