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Irresponsible admin

Started by Anup4444 2019-05-13 at 15:12
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Dear Admin,

Are you a scammer???

Yesterday I submit a support ticket to inquire about the reason for continuous failure of my withdrawal request. I can only solve the problem if you mention any valid reason.
And you deleted my support ticket too. Again no reason.

If you are the real Admin, you are responsible for providing credible reasons for any kind of problems faced by the members via Notices or Emails. But you are rude, irresponsible and don't have the patience to understand problems of members. And you continuing your rude attitude towards the members by posting new idiotic rules and regulations on forum.

I Know. You may delete this post or even my account. I don't care.

What kind of Admin you are?... you scammer....

Take care of yourself.
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