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Published on 17-12-2018

Dear PicoClix users
In order to increase the security of the website, the system installed multiple ip finder on the site
1-All users who use the blocker will be blocked
2. All users who have changed IP will be blocked
3-All users will be blocked using a common Internet connection
4. All users using the shared system will be blocked.
Very important point
If your account is blocked, Pico Clubs will not be held liable for your blocking.
In the context of increasing the security of user accounts, no account will be accepted
All users are required to check the Internet and flag of their country on the site. If the flag of another country is registered in your profile, you will be prompt to support it by sending it to the support as soon as possible.

November Add Funds Promotion
Published on 04-11-2018

November Add Funds Promotion

Hello PicoClix Members

This promo is gonna be available until November 7 23:59 PM 

Add Funds Promotion Bonus

Deposit $20-$50 and get 5% Bonus on Purchase Balance

Deposit $51-$100 and get 7.5% Bonus on Purchase Balance

Deposit $101-$200 and get 10% Bonus on Purchase Balance

Deposit $201-$500 and get 15% Bonus on Purchase Balance

Deposit $501-$1000 and get 20% Bonus on Purchase Balance

Deposit $1001 or more and get 30% Bonus on Purchase Balance

The bonuses will be assigned manually in less than 24 hours,
any problems don't hesitate to send us a support ticket. Our
team are gonna be trying to add the bonuses ASAP. 

We hope you enjoy this promotion and have a happy earnings!!! 

Kind Regards

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